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We are so excited to get to know more about you and teach you guys about bill writing!
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Thanks! Now we can learn about bill writing!

Let's recap the purpose of a bill:

"A bill is an idea on a mission! Its goal is to solve a problem or propose a new idea to help communities, or change how something functions. They can affect the general public or a specific group of people."

At NJ YAG, we write bills that only affect the state of New Jersey. Why? As a legislator for New Jersey, you are “elected” to help represent the people in your state.

See if you can tell the difference between a State bill and a Federal (national) Bill! Pick out the NJ state bill from the federal bills! *

Answer: Only "Tolls in New Jersey will be paid with monopoly money- starting in 2019" is a state bill. The others affected states other than New Jersey. When writing your bill, remember to solve a problem or propose an idea for New Jersey only. Got it?

Now that you know what you're doing, let's start writing your own bill! Just think of an idea you really care about and follow the formula to start writing it!

a. What needs to be done?

Write what the problem or idea you want to fix or implement is, in the space below.

a. How can we fix it?

How can the problem be fixed or how can the idea be implemented? What steps need to be taken?

a. Why is this a problem?

List reasons as to why this is a problem New Jersey faces and how your bill idea will better our state.

a. Within what time frame should we address this issue?

How much time will this bill take to implement? Will it take a year or is it a longer process?

Select the category that you think your bill falls under!

Awesome! You've written your first draft of a bill. Even if you choose to write about a different topic at conference, you got to practice your bill writing skills.

This link will take you to a page with resources on bill topic ideas, funding and different agencies! We suggest reading through these links before pre-legislative conference, so you're extra prepared!


Thank you for filling out our type form. If you have any additional questions, write them in the box below. We will try our best to answer them at the pre-legislative conference.

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